Why Should You Hire a Private Tour Guide for Your Trip?

While traveling, you can do and see so many things. Because of that, it can be challenging to determine where to begin. It’s a common fact that when you explore a new place or city that you are unfamiliar with, you can easily get lost or waste time. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening by hiring a private tour guide during your trip.  

This blog will be discussing the advantages you can experience if you hire a private tour guide. In the end, they can make any vacation experience more enjoyable and fun. Hence, read below and discover why is it best to hire private tours Oahu. 

Obtain the best tips about the best restaurants 

A tour guide can also give you some recommendations on special places where you can eat delicious food. With their help, you can avoid going to crowded restaurants where all of the tourists are expected to go to and eat.   

Explore and find unique places 

A good tour guide will have comprehensive knowledge about the city and the hidden gems in it like theme parks and more. With their help, you can make some cool stopovers on unique places, such as art galleries, that you probably might not find had you plan to tour on your own.  


One of the greatest advantages, as you hire a tour guide, is that they can make sure that your family will be safe throughout your visit and tour. That’s thanks to their knowledge about the place. Plus, they know which areas to not visit and only visit in the less sketchy areas of the city. 

If you’re hiring a tour guide, you won’t be wandering off the place only to see yourself in spots where pickpockets and con artists are usually dwelling. Moreover, a tour guide will give transportation so that you don’t need to fear being taken advantage of.   

Save time 

It’s important to remember that every hour counts if you are on a vacation. Nevertheless, time is limited. Hence, you do not want to waste your precious time trying to pick and finalize where to go or what to do or risk yourself being lost in a strange place. Such tours can help you save a lot of time since they will come up with a planned day trip so that you can make the most of your visit in their place.  

Insider knowledge 

Tour guides are extremely helpful to tourists since they have insider knowledge about the place or city. Regardless if you have already visited the area many times, you still will not know the place outside and inside like how a trained tour guide would.  

A lot of tour guides are bred and born in the place. Hence, it’s only reasonable that they know the neighborhoods and streets like the back of their hands. For that reason, hiring a private tour guide is worth every penny that you spend on their services.